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Held on Wednesday 4th December from 9 am-12pm

Workshop 1: Leveraging new technologies for gambling and gaming treatment and prevention.

Presented by Kirsten Shannon, Dr. Christopher Hunt & Dr Katrina Champion

As the landscape of gambling has changed in recent years, this means a shift towards finding effective ways of working with clients whose gambling takes place in an online or technologically advanced environment. For this workshop, clinicians from the University of Sydney Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic will present several ways in which technological changes have been incorporated into treatment for gamblers and significant others. This includes an overview and demonstrations of Cognitive Deconstrutional Therapy (CDT), the treatment that was developed by the clinic’s deputy director, Dr Fadi Anjoul. Ways to incorporate online self-help programs into in-person treatment and as an alternative to in-person treatment will be discussed. Finally, Dr Katrina Champion, a Research Fellow at the Matilda Centre for Research in Mental Health and Substance Use, will provide an overview of how technology can be used to prevent mental health problems among adolescents, and describe the development  of new eHealth interventions to reduce screen time (including gaming) and related risk behaviours among youth.


  Kirsten Shannon is the Manager of the GTRC and a PhD candidate at the University of Sydney. As part of her candidature she is mapping gambling-related harms in clinical and community populations to develop and validate and gambling harm measure.
  Dr Christopher Hunt is a clinical psychologist who is the senior supervisor at the Gambling Treatment and Research Clinic at the University of Sydney. Dr Hunt has been working at the clinic for 12 years, and has experience with a range of different psychological therapies for problem gambling.

Dr Katrina Champion is an NHMRC Early Career Fellow at the Matilda Centre, University of Sydney. Her research aims to develop and evaluate digital interventions to improve adolescent health. She is currently leading a multi-site trial to evaluate Health4Life, an eHealth intervention to prevent multiple lifestyle risk factors among adolescents.

Registration for the workshop will be available on the Conference Registration Site

Workshop 2: Behavioural Economics and Gambling Behaviour. 

The premise of this workshop is to introduce the fundamentals of behavioural economics and understand how behavioural economics can inform and improve the effectiveness of gambling harm-minimisation policies and practices.

Through an interactive session, Juliette will review how psychological insights and behavioural science tools such as commitment devices, personalised messaging, and more generalised ‘nudges’ can change behaviour and be effective across the entire spectrum of gambling-related harms. The workshop will encourage attendees to apply behavioural science principles to design interventions that involve low-cost, subtle tweaks to the decision-making environment. These interventions will promote agency, encourage positive behavioural change, and improve measurable outcomes. The workshop will also discuss important design considerations and trade-offs when using behavioural science principles. Attendees should walk away with new and innovative ways to better motivate behaviour change and approach gambling harm-minimisation policies and practices.

  Bio: Dr Juliette Tobias-Webb is a Behavioural Scientist with over 10 years experience. Juliette has a PhD in Experimental Psychology from the University of Cambridge with her thesis focusing on the interaction between alcohol and gambling behaviour. She enjoyed stints as a lecturer and research officer at globally-renowned institutions including the University of British Columbia, the University of Sydney, Bond University, and Kaplan University. Commercially, Juliette has worked as a behavioural scientist for the Behavioural Insights Team (Research Fellow) and at Commonwealth Bank (Senior Manager). She is also one of 60 Australian women nominated as a Superstar in STEM.

Registration for the workshop will be available on the Conference Registration Site

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