Plenary Session 1: Jay (Janine) Robinson

Community resilience and gambling: Humanitarian strategies to build local strengths in a complex/Post-Covid world

 We are living in unprecedented times and regardless of our specific role, the work we do promoting gambling safeguards has never been so vital.  With online   gambling increasing, concurrent gambling disorders related to mental health on the rise, and increased financial insecurity affecting so many, turning our   gaze to building community resilience is critical.

 At this juncture in our history, we have myriad new ways of delivering not only entertainment and gambling, as well as health care services, and public health   programs.  With the changes to gambling formats, combined with the lingering effects of the pandemic on people's mental health and community health   more broadly, we have an urgent imperative to increase our efforts at preventing gambling-related harms, and to try new things! 

 This keynote address will signpost some strategies for the future, encouraging all who work in the field of reducing gambling harms to build on what works for  people who gamble and their communities, while also thinking creatively and collaboratively about ways we can increase our impact in these uncertain times. 

Jay (Janine) Robinson is an internationally sought-after specialist and leader in the field of preventing and responding to gambling harms. Combining rigor and creativity, Jay brings research to life for real world application in regulatory, operator and public health environments. A thought leader and innovator in responsible gambling programming, Jay is recognized as an expert in training related to gambling safeguards, who has created original responsible gambling and treatment training programs across Australia, Canada, the US and United Kingdom for the past 20 years. Known as an accessible, grounded and relevant knowledge broker, Jay transforms best evidence into new, impactful policy and programs that address the needs of our new global gambling landscapes. Recently, Jay's portfolio also expanded to include their role as Principal of JR Consulting, as well as a new role as Director of Safer Gambling and Stakeholder Engagement with Focal Research. 


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