Plenary Session 3: Banks and Gambling

Do banks have a role in the financial wellbeing of gambling customers?

Can banks show people what they’ve spent on gambling? Will they? A lot has changed since the Royal Commission played a recording of David Harris, a person who had self-identified as having issues with gambling, literally begging his bank not to give him more credit (but it did).

Since then each of the major banks has delved into their data and has been grappling with this space. The Australian Banking Association (ABA) has been working with banks on possible responses.

We’re inviting the major banks and the ABA to share what they have learnt, what they’re doing to mitigate gambling harm related to credit, and what is in the offering to help their customers who gamble.


Lauren Levin (chair), Director Policy and Campaigns, Financial Counselling Australia  

Brendan French, Customer Advocate, Commonwealth Bank

Adrian Ahern, Customer Advocate, Westpac

Campbell Morrison, General Manager, Customer Assist, NAB

ANZ - Danielle Curry, Acting Tribe Lead Credit Cards

Australian Banking Association - Anna Bligh CEO


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