NAGS Plenary Session - Friday 6th December- 3:30-4:30 pm

Symposium:  problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies: where do we draw the lines?

In this symposium, we will discuss the central issues around problematic risk-taking involving emerging technologies and hear perspectives from some of the key stakeholder groups involved. We propose an initial framework to guide a collaborative response to these issues within the gambling field and beyond. Come and join the conversation!


  Professor Alex Blaszczynski, Co-Director, Gambling Treatment & Research Clinic, School of Psychology, Faculty of Science, The University of Sydney
Mr Brendan Dowd, Counsellor, Turning Point
 Mr Chris Muir, Chief Executive Officer, Gaming Technologies Association
 Mr Paul Newson, President, International Association of Gaming Regulators


The benefits of new technologies (e.g., computers, smartphones, virtual reality devices) are immense and enjoyed by many, but at the same time, problematic use can lead to the experience of harms. Substantial problems and behavioural addictions, such as gambling and gaming disorders, are now recognised to be related to the use of Internet-based technologies. This symposium will explore problematic risk-taking behaviours involving emerging technologies (e.g., online gambling and gaming, online sexual behaviours, oversharing of personal information via social networking sites) that have the potential to lead to problematic outcomes for individuals. Previous research has focused on policy frameworks for responding to specific issues (e.g., online gambling), but a broader framework is needed to address issues as they emerge, given lags in governments and regulators responding to dynamically evolving technological environments. Industry operators, governments and regulators, community groups, researchers, treatment providers, and individual end-users all need to have a voice in this discussion. Where is the line between passionate and problematic engagement? What is the operator’s responsibility when a product has no specific consumer protection regulations? When should others step in to stop people from making risky or reckless decisions? These are just some of the challenging questions that need to be asked.

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